An Amazing Lady!

Mom Texting 1
This is my mom. She’s an amazing lady. You might recognize her from my February 9th post,  A Fun Filled Weekend, where she was seated on my can-am Spyder. Take a fun look at that post. Mom arrived here Saturday afternoon to spend Easter weekend with us. I took the above photo of her texting one of her friends who recently moved to central California. I just had to take a photo. It was so amazing to see her at work. We showed Mom how to text two years ago and she has never looked back.

FullSizeRender (1)Mom has used a computer for many years, and hers was getting outdated; time for a new one!  This weekend my husband Martin took her out to buy her first lap top. He set it up for her, and before we knew it Mom was happily checking her email and Facebook. You can see her happily typing away in the photo above. Mom, by the way, is going to be 88 this year. Hope she doesn’t mind me telling you that.  She returned home this morning and I suspect she’s probably on Facebook as I write this. She really is an amazing lady and a great example of why we should never stop learning new things.

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