Today’s Photography Challenge

Today’s photo challenge topic is the word, calm. Yesterday I decided that it would be even more challenging  to find each day’s subject in my garden. To demonstrate calm,  I chose a soon to flower Agapanthus plant.  I purchased this plant when it was very small. This will be the first time it flowers. The plant was part of a Wounded Warriors fund raiser. Every day I watch this flower slowly open, and  get a sense of calm.

The Agapanthus also known as, African Lilly, is a summer flowering perennial, known for its showy flowers, which come in blue, purple, and white. I have no idea what color this flower will be, but I’ll be outside with my camera, as soon as the flower opens. I’m thinking that in a few days I will be sharing the beautiful blossom with you on Plum Bird Corner.

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